A lot of the intern candidates I speak with are not familiar with many modern tools because most university IT and CS courses don’t use them, or don’t use them to their full potential. In a similar boat are senior systems engineers who have worked for often 10, 15 or even 20+ years in Windows, UNIX/Linux or a hardware field like storage or networking and have never come across these developer centric paradigms for operations.

This post is for you. It assumes you are comfortable with your computer whatever operating system you run, and you want to learn what the fuss is about Git, GitHub, CI/CD and Dev(Sec)Ops.

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Patrick S. Kelso

I work with organisations to solve problems with both technical and human origins such as growing high performce teams, scalable cloud operations for traditional IT and automating your audit and compliance problems away. I teach consulting and problem solving at the University of Technology Sydney where I am quite active in several societies helping the next generation of consultants and IT professionals kick-start their career.

DevSecOps & Cloud Enablement

Sydney, Australia